Bosch C7 & C3 Now for sale.

Bosch C7: 12 & 24 volt battery charger @ R1700 incl VAT.

Bosch C3: 6 & 12 volt volt battery charger @ R1200 incl VAT.


The Bosch C7 Battery Charger is an intelligent six-stage automatic charger with great extra features including regeneration mode and power backup. Furthermore, the C7 is ideal for charging and maintaining lead acid wet, gel, AGM and VRLA/SLA batteries up to 230Ah (12V) / 120Ah (24V).

With its regeneration mode it can recover deeply discharged batteries with a constant current of 1500ma. In addition, power backup can be used to supply power to the vehicle’s electrical system maintaining the system’s setting whilst charging the battery. It can also be used as a power supply for accessories like a cooler box (12V batteries above 14Ah)

Lastly, the Bosch C7 can be used for many applications including classic cars, modern vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, boats, caravans, personal watercraft, ride on mowers and buses.

7.0a 12V:14 – 230Ah

3.5a 24V: 14 – 120Ah

Your benefits at a glance:

Wall mount

Suitable for Lead acid wet, AGM and gel batteries

No risk of overcharge

Protection against sparks

Full protection against short-circuit & reverse polarity

One button for ease of use

Fully automatic charging

Protection against overheating

Memory function

Charges discharged batteries

The C7 battery charger meets the IP65 dust and splash proof standards and are certified to Australian electrical standards

Bosch C3 & C7 battery charger brochure: c3_c7_battery_charger_8pp_brochure_fin_hr